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Considering A Rear-View Camera For Your Car? Check The Basics Here!

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A rear-view camera, for the uninitiated, is also called a backup camera. The primary purpose is to have a wide-angle view of your vehicle’s rear, without having to turn or rely on the rear-view mirror alone. No matter whether you are someone who wants to keep a tab on the road behind while driving or wish to improve your driving, this is a component worth paying for. Before you check for rear view camera, here are some of the aspects worth knowing.

Think of the setup

Well, you need to have a backup camera only when you have a screen. Basically, you want a screen that will help you get a wider view, with help of the camera. The dash system of your car is critical, and sometimes, you may already have a screen, so the camera is all that you need to buy. Keep in mind that backup cameras must work with the vehicle you own or the factory system that has been installed by the manufacturer, so do your homework in that context. If you don’t have a backup camera and are buying a stereo system, make sure to get one, and this just doubles up the functionality of the stereo, as well.

The view

The view or field of the camera is the most critical aspect for your purchase, and it depends on many factors, including the focal length of the lens. The sensor is something you need to check for, because you can expect better images, even in low light. As far as field of view is concerned, don’t go for anything less than 90 degree, but 120 degree is what you must aim for.

Types of cameras

There are three different categories of rear-view cameras that you can consider. The first one is the plain surface mounted ones, which can be mounted on flat surfaces, and these are more ideal for larger vehicles. Flush mounted cameras, on the other hand, are mounted through a hole in the car body, so the look is pretty neat, and finally, you have those that are mounted on the license plate hole, and these don’t require any further modification.

Now that you know most things about review view cameras, check online to find the best options. Make sure that the installation is done by professionals, so that you can make the most of your new investment on every drive.

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