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Important Things To Consider While Choosing A Car Dealer CRM Software

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An automotive CRM software solution helps in simplifying all dealership level operations. It helps in making your business run efficiently and enhances profit and sales in your business. You would several types of auto CRM software in the market.

To make the right investment, you need to understand the needs of your dealership. Performing research on different software and learning about their features and the type of training and support they offer will definitely help in buying the right software for your dealership. Below are mentioned a few things that your dealership needs to know at the time of selecting an auto dealer CRM software.

Standard Features

Most of the auto dealer CRM solution features a wide range of standard functions such as management of customer data, marketing tools and sales tracking. Below is the listing of some of the key features that you must look for in the software:

Internet lead management:

This software works with the website, social media accounts and email system to track any incoming leads from the web. It assigns them to appropriate teams for making follow-ups with customers. A good web lead manager integrates the dealership with the web marketing efforts and also act quickly on them to maintain the attention of its potential customers.

Online scheduling tools:

This software enables customers to schedule service and sales appointments online. This makes it a lot easier for customers as well as the dealership. A good scheduling system is the one that checks the availability of the dealership and the customer to fix the appointment. The software also sets a reminder to both the parties to notify them about the appointments.

Customer data management:

A good CRM package must provide an easy to access database that includes the history of customer that includes service and sales data, financial and credit history, full contact information and vehicle ownership.

It has to be easy for dealership staff to input customer information, that includes email addresses, home addresses, work phone, home phone, information related to social media account and mobile phone.

This software should make it easy to retrieve information instantly and generate quick reports on the basis of sales trends, demographics and other advertising information to facilitate service and sales operations.


With the right car CRM software, you can get the best benefits out of it in your business. So, these are some of the important features that must be considered when buying an auto dealership software.

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